Corporate Due diligence

Our Approach

 Your Cannabis business, its associations, and its Cannabis organizational structure are unique. Using heightened due diligence investigation is never the same. Green Brain Solutions detailed review of new and existing services, vendors and other third parties, will assist you in safeguarding your reputation and comply with your corporate and regulatory requirements. It will assist and ensure sound compliance standards and helps you make more informed decisions. Green Brain Solutions only use ethical and non-intrusive research methods, we’re committed to principles of integrity and accountability, using these services will expand opportunities and eliminate bad actors.  

Our Services

 Our Vendor, staff and suppliers risk assessments are based on a know your vendor and suppliers risk assessment, an organization may determine it necessary to perform additional procedures to verify details about a vendor and suppliers’ identity or business reputation.
Our procedures on behalf of the organization:

  • Establish critical vendor and supplier relationships
  • Perform site visits and or detailed interviews with the vendor and suppliers as required
  • Background checks, including criminal history searches, public records searches, OFAC lists
  • Review for any suspicious activity to ensure compliance with all applicable requirements within the industry
  • Tracing organizational and other records to determine beneficial ownership

Our Background Research Services
The GBS Background Research services provide organizations with actionable intelligence in order to:

  • Evaluate and conclude risks related to acquisitions and joint ventures
  • Evaluate new hire key personnel
  • Evaluate current key officers, Board members and other professionals

Our methodology allows us to develop further information regarding:

  • Regulatory issues
  • Criminal and civil litigation involvement
  • Bankruptcies
  • Verification of education and credentials
  • Professional licenses
  • Judgements and liens
  • Assets
  • Adverse media
  • Associated business entities and relationships